#100daysofhustleandveg · Spouse

Slumber Party Questions!


My new fav thing is coming up to bed early, putting on some music, lighting a few candles, and actually getting to spend some time just talking to Steve. Lately, it seems that all our daily routines have us so busy that we barely have anytime to just sit and talk anymore. Sure, we could talk about work, and how our (busy) days went, but for a change, I thought we could switch things up a bit and maybe even learn some stuff about each other we didn’t know before! I came up with a (giant!) list of slumber party questions- some easier than others- cut them up into little strips and put them into an empty jar for us to take turns pulling from. You could do one question a night, or a whole marathon session of, “wow! I didn’t know that about you!” I included a free download of  SLUMBER PARTY QUESTIONS! (click to download) I printed them on colored paper to make my jar a little prettier! Now you and your sig other can have your own slumber party! Enjoy!


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