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Have you seen the documentary “Just Eat It” ? It’s streaming now on Amazon- and if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it! I definitely consider myself an environmentalist and try my best to do right by the planet, however, watching this film made me reevaluate some of my habits. The statistics were crazy about how much food we waste as a society, not just in our own households, but also in the waste that is generated by supermarkets. The film focuses on the documentarian and his wife challenging themselves for 6 months with only eating food that has been or will be discarded. It was actually pretty eye opening to see their journey and the types/amount of food they end up coming across and consuming. The film also points out not only the economic strain caused by food waste, but also many of the different angles of the environmental issues it causes, from wasted resources and wasted packaging, to over flowing landfills- which produce methane from anaerobic decomposition- which, in turn, contributes to climate change. Although the documentary does a cracker jack job of highlighting this (enormous) problem, it also provides tips for reducing your own waste. I’m a big believer in small changes and the idea that every little bit helps- so I will definitely be incorporating these ideas into our routine to reduce our food waste.

Top (small) changes you can make to reduce your food waste right now!

  1. Shop more often! (Instead of placing large orders in the supermarket, try to frequent the market a couple times a week- if it fits in your schedule) The food will be fresher, and you will be more focused on what you actually need.
  2. Meal plan! Make and stick to a solid meal plan about the items you truly need and will truly use. (I’m super guilty of this one!)
  3. Incorporate an “EAT ME FIRST” bin in your fridge. Place all items that are nearing their shelf life or are in small amounts (i.e. leftovers) in a bin that is clearly labeled to encourage high turnover!
  4. Take the Food Waste Challenge or the food waste quiz! The first step to changing your ways, is realizing the problem. You’ll spend 2 weeks getting a “baseline” about how much food you waste, then you will get email tips and tricks to reducing food waste in your house. Then, you calculate how much you actually save but not wasting so much food!
  5. Visit the I VALUE FOOD site for some awesome resources about tips to keep produce longer, what to do with sale bread, how to start a compost bin, recipes for leftovers, how to meal plan and shop effectively, how to organize your fridge, loving ugly vegetables, and so much more!

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