Best Week Ever!

This week was the best week ever! May 22-28, 2017! I got a new phone, had pizza for dinner twice, drank way too much Coke zero, and most importantly, my parents came back up north for the summer!


This kid learned how to shuck corn.


This girl is so close to walking she can taste it! (but please don’t start climbing stairs yet!)

And speaking of taste… she’s still the BEST eater around!


This kid can’t get enough of slides and playgrounds…


This show is back and I’m so excited (tongue in cheek excited, but still excited to watch ha!) (Food Network Star)

Image result for food network star

And we are all so happy to see Nana and Papa again!



I want this.

Planning ahead for a possible camping excursion this summer…

A very easy checklist to start composting in your backyard

Tips for a happy and healthy marriage

Goods inspired by a 3 day weekend

Taste has much less to do with our tongues than you think!

Three ways to chop herbs

One of my favorite Insta feeds

And…That Nespresso commercial with George Clooney gets this song stuck in my head all day long, and I love it.




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