Best Week Ever!

This was (kinda) the best week ever! June 5th-June 11th, 2017


I’m still recovering from the shitty week we had last week, and this one, truth be told, wasn’t a ton better…but we’re trying! Here are some snapshots of this week which consisted of trying to rid myself of some bad mojo and bring back some positive vibes.

I got my haircut to try something new and fresh. Ever since I had my hair bleached out and dyed red (which it obviously isn’t anymore…) my hair has been totally dry, unmanageable and just plain aw-ful. So, time to chop it off.


I tried to sweat out that bad mojo as much as possible, and my muscles are feeling it tonight!


I had more than 1 glass of chardonnay 🙂


I tried to channel my energy into getting something done! This patio (pictured below) is now free of weeds!


Steve and I went out for a date night for Indian! Too good.


And I remembered how lucky I am to have these two monkeys…


Plus, here is the look of pure determination.



This shirt is a serious MUST!

An energy cleansing kit.

A who’s who on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Loney Hearts Club Band

Get a surfer body.

Why don’t they make wood paneled cars anymore? I’m in love!

A cool way to send a photo postcard to anyone, fast!

Hope you had the best week ever!

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