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Front Yard Art Installations


How cool is this tree trunk truck sculpture? (try saying that five times fast!) This is in someone’s front yard on the way to Steve’s work! It’s mostly trucks, but I spotted at least one airplane, and a little alligator peeking out; he’s towards the bottom of the pile! It got me thinking about how long this family has been collecting and building this amazing installation, and what the story behind the different trucks are. One of my favorite aspects about this work of art, is that it’s  made from recycled items that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Here are some other works of art, right in their own front yards!

Mark Oliver, Yard Art Installations
Mark Oliver’s Sculptures
Mark Oliver, Yard Art Installations
Mark Oliver’s Sculptures 
yard art 3
Hastings, Nebraska invited 35 residents to make their own yard art and distributed signs and maps for their “neighborhood” gallery
Cynthia Calvillo1
Cleveland artist revitalizes old unwanted tires 
Bottle trees actually have a rich history! 
Related image
Can you imagine having these hedges? 
Image result for yard art installation
This flower bed!
About Chairful
Public art installation in Arlington, Ma
A tribute to the unelected 
Image result for front yard art
A happy yard art installation in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
La Jolla artist Nasser Pirasteh 

And… not actually a front yard, but so dreamy, nonetheless…

Giant Rabbits in D.C.’s Navy Yard

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