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Are you guys getting excited about #The100dayproject?! The kickoff is April 3rd- and for 100 days, you vow/try/struggle/get excited/challenge yourself to do something (creative) for 100 days! It’s also encouraged to post your “makings” on Instagram and tag them so everyone can excite, appreciate and motivate each other to keep going. It’s like a giant art project that everyone can share! Last year, I did 100 days of blogging– which was awesome. It allowed me to build a bunch of content on the blog, challenged me to come up with unique posts, and really got me excited about blogging. That being said, I am not going to re-do the same challenge this year.

Although I really did love doing it, there were a bunch of times where I really struggled- but due to my nature- I felt like I couldn’t skip a day (I get a little obsessive with a challenge). There were nights were I sat at my computer, at 11:30 at night, tired AF, trying to come up with a premise for a blog post and make it live within a half hour so that I didn’t miss a day. Again, the challenge was great, but it also helped me to realize that I don’t want blogging to feel like a struggle. I want it to come more organically and be happy/excited about all the posts that I do. The other reality that came out of completing that challenge was some serious blogging burnout. I’m not proud to say that since I finished that challenge, I can count the number of times that I’ve blogged again on my two hands- and that sucks. I’m trying to get back into regularly posting again, but I think it needs to come more naturally.

That being said, I’m trying to decide what to commit to this year for my project. I have so many things that I am working on, both creatively and personally, that I’ve thought about switching my focus to something under the ‘self-care’ umbrella. On the other hand, setting aside time to really work on something creative truly helped my mind and spirit last year. Here are some of the ideas I’m floating…

  1. 100 days of meditation
  2. 100 days of Morning pages (journaling and visualizing)
  3. 100 Days of affirmations
  4. 100 days of scrap booking
  5. 100 days of organizing my paper life (more on that in another post)
  6. 100 days of connections- letter writing/note writing

While I mull this over for a couple more days- check out the official #the100dayproject and start brainstorming your next 100 days! And come back of April 3 for my announcement on what I decide to do! I’d love to follow your journey as well- if you have an original hashtag for your project, please share it in the comments below so I can follow along!

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