2019 · Bettering yourself · Goals

So, this is the New Year!


So, I’ve recently realized that New Year’s is my favorite holiday! I think it’s because I truly appreciate the idea of having a clean slate, and January 1st. is the ultimate. Last year, I approached 2018 by choosing a word of the year. By choosing one special word, the idea is basically to embody that word throughout the year and let it shape your decisions and experiences. I chose the word CULTIVATE. (I wanted to focus on cultivating a better life for myself all around- that included, but wasn’t necessarily limited to, eating healthier, exercising more consistently, decluttering my home, getting organized and living with more <being in the present moment> intention.) While I did feel like having this word in my mind’s eye helped to identify the things that I wanted to get done, it didn’t necessarily keep me accountable, on track, and consistent about working towards my goals. If anything, 2018 did help me to pinpoint my priorities and research what steps I could take to actually work towards achieving them. In the following video, I break down my <incredibly> detailed plan for what strategies I will be using this year to hold myself responsible, which is hard for me, with my obliger personality. I hope you can use some of these tips and links to help you this year meet all your goals! (Links to all resources can be found at the bottom of this post.)

Also – what are you doing New Year’s Eve? Steve and I are staying in and making vegan poutine and watching Amalie. I literally cannot imagine anything better.


Gretchen Rubin’s yearly challenge (19 for 2019)

The Happiness Project

Doing an annual review (scroll down to extended cut #12)

Elise’s Daily Habit Tracker– sign up for her newsletter to get the free download!

Clear the Decks list 


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