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Are you guys getting excited about #The100dayproject?! The kickoff is April 3rd- and for 100 days, you vow/try/struggle/get excited/challenge yourself to do something (creative) for 100 days! It’s also encouraged to post your “makings” on Instagram and tag them so everyone can excite, appreciate and motivate each other to keep going. It’s like a giant art project that everyone can share! Last year, I did 100 days of blogging– which was awesome. It allowed me to build a bunch of content on the blog, challenged me to come up with unique posts, and really got me excited about blogging. That being said, I am not going to re-do the same challenge this year.

Although I really did love doing it, there were a bunch of times where I really struggled- but due to my nature- I felt like I couldn’t skip a day (I get a little obsessive with a challenge). There were nights were I sat at my computer, at 11:30 at night, tired AF, trying to come up with a premise for a blog post and make it live within a half hour so that I didn’t miss a day. Again, the challenge was great, but it also helped me to realize that I don’t want blogging to feel like a struggle. I want it to come more organically and be happy/excited about all the posts that I do. The other reality that came out of completing that challenge was some serious blogging burnout. I’m not proud to say that since I finished that challenge, I can count the number of times that I’ve blogged again on my two hands- and that sucks. I’m trying to get back into regularly posting again, but I think it needs to come more naturally.

That being said, I’m trying to decide what to commit to this year for my project. I have so many things that I am working on, both creatively and personally, that I’ve thought about switching my focus to something under the ‘self-care’ umbrella. On the other hand, setting aside time to really work on something creative truly helped my mind and spirit last year. Here are some of the ideas I’m floating…

  1. 100 days of meditation
  2. 100 days of Morning pages (journaling and visualizing)
  3. 100 Days of affirmations
  4. 100 days of scrap booking
  5. 100 days of organizing my paper life (more on that in another post)
  6. 100 days of connections- letter writing/note writing

While I mull this over for a couple more days- check out the official #the100dayproject and start brainstorming your next 100 days! And come back of April 3 for my announcement on what I decide to do! I’d love to follow your journey as well- if you have an original hashtag for your project, please share it in the comments below so I can follow along!

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Making family keepsakes

My friend and I went to this awesome place today where you can make your own wooden signs! This family growth chart literally started out as a raw piece of wood and it was so amazing to not only see the transformation, but to also be responsible for it! I literally kept looking at the finished product saying, “I can’t believe I made this!” The place we went to, called Board and Brush is a franchise with new stores popping up in every state. We happened to be at one that was run by the original proprietor’s sister who told us her story. Her sister, who lives in Wisconsin, was looking for a Christmas sign one year and couldn’t for the life of her find what she wanted for under $300- which is obviously ridiculous! So she decided to make it herself! It came out so wonderfully and she got so many compliments, that she decided to start holding parties for her friends in her basement making signs. Soon her friends and acquaintances were asking her to have more and more parties, that she realized she should open a store! And over 90 franchises later, she’s sure glad that she couldn’t find that Christmas sign! 

There are tons of different variations of signs you can make and I decided to make a growth chart to measure the kiddos on. When we first moved into our home, we found markings of the concrete in the basement of the kid’s heights from the family that lived here before us. I love the idea of having a growth chart for your kiddos, but felt bittersweet when I saw it, because it’s a bummer that the family had to leave that memory behind when they moved. Now with this chart, I’ll be able to take it with me if we ever leave this house. Do you have a growth chart for your kiddos, or a special family sign? 

The transformation

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Recreating Iconic Rooms

How deliriously cool would it be to spend some time in one of your favorite spaces? A place that you’ve seen (and probably memorized) a million times.  A place from inside your television or movie screen, or maybe a favorite painting? nd if you can snap a picture, even better! Here are some recreations of some iconic spaces that had been staged for anniversaries, reunions, or just for the sake of art- and oh how cool it is!

The recreation of Ferris Bueller’s room

Ferris Bueller’s room recreated in Toronto plus an interview with the artist on tracking everything down!


-A breakdown of every item in Ferris’ room

Van Gogh’s bedroom

-Staying inside one of Van Gogh’s paintings (it was actually on Air B&B!)  

Colorful: In the blue and yellow tiled kitchen, pots and pans in primary colors line the blue counter, and baby Maggie's high chair sits in a cornerColorful: In the blue and yellow tiled kitchen, pots and pans in primary colors line the blue counter, and baby Maggie's high chair sits in a corner
Place to relax: A look inside reveals colorfully decorated rooms, including a living room with the fictional family's iconic red couch

A real life version of the Simpson’s house! (Which was won in a contest!) 

Fans can visit the fictional Upper West Side one bedroom that the TV version of Jerry Seinfeld called home and check out props and set pieces from the NBC sitcom's nine seasons.

-A recreation of Jerry Seinfeld’s memorable apartment for Hulu’s premiere of the show! (Although it was located in the meatpacking district in NYC and not the Upper West side) 

Fans of 'Friends' will have only a month to enjoy Central Perk.

-The quintessential coffee house, Central Perk, “reopens” in NYC for te 20th Anniversary of Friends 

Image result for jimmy kimmel friends apartment

-Which prompted Jimmy Kimmel to recreate Monica and Rachel’s apartment for a skit to celebrate the anniversary 

Professor Green and his wife Millie MacIntosh recreate the iconic image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono

And..who doesn’t recognize this iconic scene?

Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green recreate the photo to raise awareness and funds for another charity, War Child. 

Definitely inspiring!

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Front Yard Art Installations


How cool is this tree trunk truck sculpture? (try saying that five times fast!) This is in someone’s front yard on the way to Steve’s work! It’s mostly trucks, but I spotted at least one airplane, and a little alligator peeking out; he’s towards the bottom of the pile! It got me thinking about how long this family has been collecting and building this amazing installation, and what the story behind the different trucks are. One of my favorite aspects about this work of art, is that it’s  made from recycled items that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Here are some other works of art, right in their own front yards!

Mark Oliver, Yard Art Installations
Mark Oliver’s Sculptures
Mark Oliver, Yard Art Installations
Mark Oliver’s Sculptures 
yard art 3
Hastings, Nebraska invited 35 residents to make their own yard art and distributed signs and maps for their “neighborhood” gallery
Cynthia Calvillo1
Cleveland artist revitalizes old unwanted tires 
Bottle trees actually have a rich history! 
Related image
Can you imagine having these hedges? 
Image result for yard art installation
This flower bed!
About Chairful
Public art installation in Arlington, Ma
A tribute to the unelected 
Image result for front yard art
A happy yard art installation in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
La Jolla artist Nasser Pirasteh 

And… not actually a front yard, but so dreamy, nonetheless…

Giant Rabbits in D.C.’s Navy Yard