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Surf Shack Chic

So I am fully in the throws of re-doing the guest room. We had originally gone with a sort of travel/wanderlust theme to the room, but I’m looking towards a major change. I don’t know if these 90 degree days got me going, or my total anticipation and love for the beach and surf, but I’m going with a kind of casual surfer shack feel for this room. In fact, I’m so in love with this theme, that I kinda want to re-do my whole house centered around this idea. A few years ago- pre-pinterest- I ripped out a surfer shack spread from a magazine, that I was super obsessed with, and I still swoon over these images. (below)

YES, this carpet in my house is gross and needs to go!

Pre-Pinterest pinterest 
The surfer shack look is a carefully curated design, there is a fine line between it looking effortlessly cool and boho, and hokey Oriental Trading. (Read- plastic surfboard decor). I liked to focus on cultivating a look that incorporates some boho, a little mid century modern, rich woods (and carvings), macrame, definitely some rattan, and top it off with just a little bit of shibori. Here’s some of my inspiration for pulling together this look…


Room View
Carved Coffee Table

Wood Slice Coffee Table
Living Edge Coffee Table

Carved Accent Table

Gray Round Seren Chair and a Half
Seren Chair

Gray Seren Half Moon Ottoman
Seren Half Moon Ottoman

Woven Cave Chair
Woven Cave Chair

Mid Century Chair

Slide View: 3: Curved Rattan Bed
Rattan Bed

Frosted Glass Globe Hailey Pendant
Orb light

Wicker Orb Pendant
Wicker Pendant

Rope Chandelier
Rope Chandelier

Macrame Chandelier
Macrame Chandelier

Hippie Blanket
Hippie Blanket

Serape Pillow Case Set
Serape Pillowcase set

Slide View: 1: Graham Keegan Blush Shibori Tapestry
Shibori Tapestry
Decor & Misc.

Wood Panel

Wicker panel set

Macrame Bunting, Macrame Garland, Bunting Banner, Wedding Bunting
Macrame Bunting

Faux Monstera Leaf Stem
Monstera Leaf

Macrame wall hanging, woven wall hanging, woven wall tapestry, boho wall hanging, wall tapestry, macrame, boho home decor, textile hanging
Macrame Wall Hanging

A couple’s dream Hawaiian surf shack

This book.

The best Boho apartment in Australia

And this pinterest board.


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Design Inspiration

Since finally getting going on the re-do our guest room, I’ve fully caught the redecorating bug and have been swooning over design lately! Here’s some of my fav places for some eye candy!

DOT & BO has carefully curated collections grouped together by theme!


EMILY HENDERSON’S BLOG: Exemplifies how styling is done. She’s amazing!


Schoolhouse Electric has the coolest interiors, plus you can buy everything you like right there!

schoolhouse electric.PNG

I’ve been following Elsie Larsen’s (of A Beautiful Mess) innovative and inspirational decorating for years; as she uncovers her fresh style room by room in her gorgeous 1970’s Nashville home!


URBAN OUTFITTERS never disappoints in their effortlessly cool composition.


I’ve been known to wander around Terrain’s brick and mortar shop admiring the displays and snapping inspirational snapshots a time or two.



Anthropologie, owned by the same outfit as Terrain (above) is a go to source for beautiful eclectic pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, and beds that look so comfortable, you’d never leave the house.

Slide View: 1: Vibrant Geo Hanging Planter
Geo Hanging Planter
Slide View: 1: Tahla Quilt
Thala Quilt

What else, but Jonathan Adler’s insta account?!


Between TARGET‘S collabs with crisp designers and their own Spring 2017 lookbook, it looks like you’re never running in for ‘just one thing’ again!



target 3



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Time Capsule Homes

A time capsule home is exactly the amazingness that you think it is. It’s a home that has only been owned (usually) by a single owner and hasn’t changed in, well, decades. They are decorated with original furnishings and are a true snapshot of the trends and decor of the time period. Some of these houses will even go on the market and include all the furnishings! This one, for sale now, in PALM SPRINGS(!) is amazing, and got me jonesing for some more time capsule homes, here’s a peek!

palm springs time capsule home
Palm Springs 70’s home!
Time capsule bathrooms are the best!
This midcentury marvel!
OMG! This bathroom!
This A frame!
This patio!!
Holy $hit! This wallpaper!
Or this bathroom! Sunken tub?! Swoon!
midcentury living room
Chill zone!
This pink family room!

Would you consider living in a time capsule home complete with monochromatic decorating and shag carpet? (Sign me up!)


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Coffee Table Books


Is there anyone who doesn’t like a good coffee table book? Remember this… From interesting stories, to little known facts, to beautiful photos and illustrations; coffee table books give your guests something to peruse while you’re in the bathroom. They can also set a certain vibe or tone to your living space and even say something about you. The coffee table books below are some of my favorites… Some are great conversation starters, others you just can’t pull yourself away from (Pick Me Up-I’m talking to you). We’ve all seen Humans of New York, and Time’s Photographs- and while those are certainly tried and true publications with their own set of merritts, I hope these picks will be a breath of fresh air for you and your table.

coffee-table-books-1  ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR. FIVE. SIX.