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You need this in your kitchen!

What do these three pictures have in common? 

Have you guessed it? … kiddos eating small bites! If you’re a Mama (or Dada!) that prepares meals for your kids morning, noon and night, you know how tedious it can be figuring out what to make, what your kids will eat, what’s nutritious, and of course, making sure it’s in kiddo sized bites- including cutting the crust off any bread! My girlfriend got me a basket of goodies for my baby shower- she was already an experienced mom when I got pregnant for the first time- and one of the absolute best things in it, were these…

I literally use these kitchen shears for everything! Cutting sammies, pasta, bagels, waffles, broccoli, literally everything. If you are spending time cutting your kiddos food with a knife, please, do yourself a favor, and buy these– I’ve tried others and these are, by far, my favorite! (This is also pretty cool!) 

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Day 2 of project massive clean!

Today’s post is brought to you by my incredibly cluttered and crazy messy, no where near organized basement! This is one of those massive projects I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but never ever have the time… I’m trying to best utilize these few days, while the kids are still in school and I’m off, to make a massive dent in these major clean out projects. Plus, we are also having a tag sale on Saturday, so I’d love to get as much out of my house as possible before then! I’ve been trying to implore the Konmari technique as I clean. First and foremost, do not keep anything that doesn’t spark joy! It’s been relatively easy going through the extraneous stuff we have been storing in the basement, Andy have been able to cull a lot of the stuff taking up way too much space in boxes and bins. I’m a self proclaimed pack rat so I’m actually pretty proud of myself with how ruthless I’ve been at getting rid of stuff.

The hardest thing to purge is, by far, is the sentimental stuff…  I have a good 3 tubs of memories that came from my parents house when they moved out of our childhood home and I gathered my stuff from the attic of their old house. A lot of it is photo albums, yearbooks, notes and cards, old journals, movie ticket stubs, prom favors, VHS tapes (I’m dating myself here…) etc… it was all so nostalgic to peruse through, I really couldn’t bring myself to get rid of anything quite yet…I only scratched the surface of going through these boxes, because I really wanted to make sure I was using my time wisely with other clutter. However, some of the treasured ephemera and mementos I did scope out in this first go through were simply soul satisfying. Amongst some great old photos, I also found my switchplate from my nursery (which I’m going to install in Sailor’s room), a box of Uno cards my Nana and I used to play with constantly (stored in an old cut tissue box), my parent’s wedding favor (decorative plate? ashtray?), and the traffic light light pull from my Papa’s apartment in Washington Heights- to name just a few. It was so lovely to run across these items and feel the rush of so many happy memories come flooding through my mind. It also made me excited to show this stuff to Dashel and Sailor one day; I think they will love to look through some of it when they get older. I already started showing Dash some pictures from when I was about his age and when I asked him who he thought was in the photo, he identified it as himself 😌, ‘no, buddy, but I get why you said that.’ 

Do you hold on to sentimental items? Are they stored in a box somewhere? Or do you have them displayed? I’m going to try to pick some of my favorites to incorporate into our everyday lives to keep those happy memories close by. 

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Major clean out’s!

We all have those places in our homes that we dread cleaning out… some of the more common ones are the garage and the basement. (And attic!) Unfortunately, these spaces tend to be the ones that get neglected the most often and become a breeding ground for we storage of stuff the we don’t necessarily want and definitely don’t need- but can’t quite seem to part with either. My Dad came over today and we attacked the garage together! Here are some tips when taking the plunge to clean out your garage.

1. Get everything out! It’s much easier to see everything, easier to sweep/clean the garage of dirt, dust, leaves and spider webs when everything is out. 

2. As you’re bringing your stuff outside- we brought everything out onto the driveway- separate it into piles.

-stuff we are getting rid of (we’re going to have a tag sale this weekend, and anything that doesn’t sell is going to Goodwill) 

-stuff I’m keeping that goes into house or car or other area, not the garage 

-stuff I’m keeping that goes back into the garage

– also throw out all trash and recycling as you go!

3. Have some clean rags around to dust off items and shelving as you go.

4. Be ruthless about letting things go. Do you really need that croquet set that you’ve never used? Remember, if you’re about to store something out of sight, think long and hard, again, if you really need said item.

5. Once garage is empty, sweep it out using a large push broom. Don’t forget all the corners!

6. As you begin to put items back into the garage, pick spots thoughtfully and slowly. Decide what makes the most sense to have where. 

7. Utilize wall space and hooks and hang things vertically whenever possible. 

8. Group like items together- gardening tools, potting soil, planters… you get it 

9. Try to envision your cars being parked in the garage and do your best not to store anything that would be in the way of getting your car in and out. (We usually park in the driveway, but it’s ideal to have your spot carved out all the time, both for practicality and for de-clutteredness…

Some before pics…

And after!

Tomorrow starts the basement… eeeeee!

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Car shopping …

Car shopping is something that sounds like it should be fun- a new car! Captain’s chairs! All the cup holders you could want! How exciting! But in reality it’s a bear. The part where you get to look at cars and test drive is fun… but the financial part is the worst! It’s a whole lot of sitting in uncomfortable chairs, sometimes with the sun in your eyes, feeling hungry and thirsty, and the waiting… oh the waiting… while you go back and forth and quibble about mileage and money down and monthly payments.. ugh… it’s enough to make your head spin…

Steve and I also have very similar personalities when it comes to wheeling and dealing… neither of us like it. I’m not a super pushy person and feel uncomfortable in situations where confrontation is involved… so even though everyone is supposed to be making everyone feel like family, it’s actually an incredibly awkward situation. Steve’s aunt, on the other hand, is super confident when it comes to car shopping. She literally comes in, tells them what she wants, and what she’s going to pay, and that’s it! Boom! She makes it happen. We should have brought her tonight. Ha!

How about you and your partner? Is one of you more the take charge deal maker? How do you deal in situations where you are making major purchases? The whole thing feels so heavy and important and I feel way too much like an adult…

but… we got a new car!! With a third row of seats! And it’s a big, juicy, van! (I’m totally embracing #momlife amiright?!)

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Surf Shack Chic

So I am fully in the throws of re-doing the guest room. We had originally gone with a sort of travel/wanderlust theme to the room, but I’m looking towards a major change. I don’t know if these 90 degree days got me going, or my total anticipation and love for the beach and surf, but I’m going with a kind of casual surfer shack feel for this room. In fact, I’m so in love with this theme, that I kinda want to re-do my whole house centered around this idea. A few years ago- pre-pinterest- I ripped out a surfer shack spread from a magazine, that I was super obsessed with, and I still swoon over these images. (below)

YES, this carpet in my house is gross and needs to go!

Pre-Pinterest pinterest 
The surfer shack look is a carefully curated design, there is a fine line between it looking effortlessly cool and boho, and hokey Oriental Trading. (Read- plastic surfboard decor). I liked to focus on cultivating a look that incorporates some boho, a little mid century modern, rich woods (and carvings), macrame, definitely some rattan, and top it off with just a little bit of shibori. Here’s some of my inspiration for pulling together this look…


Room View
Carved Coffee Table

Wood Slice Coffee Table
Living Edge Coffee Table

Carved Accent Table

Gray Round Seren Chair and a Half
Seren Chair

Gray Seren Half Moon Ottoman
Seren Half Moon Ottoman

Woven Cave Chair
Woven Cave Chair

Mid Century Chair

Slide View: 3: Curved Rattan Bed
Rattan Bed

Frosted Glass Globe Hailey Pendant
Orb light

Wicker Orb Pendant
Wicker Pendant

Rope Chandelier
Rope Chandelier

Macrame Chandelier
Macrame Chandelier

Hippie Blanket
Hippie Blanket

Serape Pillow Case Set
Serape Pillowcase set

Slide View: 1: Graham Keegan Blush Shibori Tapestry
Shibori Tapestry
Decor & Misc.

Wood Panel

Wicker panel set

Macrame Bunting, Macrame Garland, Bunting Banner, Wedding Bunting
Macrame Bunting

Faux Monstera Leaf Stem
Monstera Leaf

Macrame wall hanging, woven wall hanging, woven wall tapestry, boho wall hanging, wall tapestry, macrame, boho home decor, textile hanging
Macrame Wall Hanging

A couple’s dream Hawaiian surf shack

This book.

The best Boho apartment in Australia

And this pinterest board.


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Design Inspiration

Since finally getting going on the re-do our guest room, I’ve fully caught the redecorating bug and have been swooning over design lately! Here’s some of my fav places for some eye candy!

DOT & BO has carefully curated collections grouped together by theme!


EMILY HENDERSON’S BLOG: Exemplifies how styling is done. She’s amazing!


Schoolhouse Electric has the coolest interiors, plus you can buy everything you like right there!

schoolhouse electric.PNG

I’ve been following Elsie Larsen’s (of A Beautiful Mess) innovative and inspirational decorating for years; as she uncovers her fresh style room by room in her gorgeous 1970’s Nashville home!


URBAN OUTFITTERS never disappoints in their effortlessly cool composition.


I’ve been known to wander around Terrain’s brick and mortar shop admiring the displays and snapping inspirational snapshots a time or two.



Anthropologie, owned by the same outfit as Terrain (above) is a go to source for beautiful eclectic pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, and beds that look so comfortable, you’d never leave the house.

Slide View: 1: Vibrant Geo Hanging Planter
Geo Hanging Planter
Slide View: 1: Tahla Quilt
Thala Quilt

What else, but Jonathan Adler’s insta account?!


Between TARGET‘S collabs with crisp designers and their own Spring 2017 lookbook, it looks like you’re never running in for ‘just one thing’ again!



target 3



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My (ongoing) Konmari Adventure


Have you read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”? I bought it back when everyone was talking about it, and then kinda put it aside and never got around to reading it… I recently picked it up when I finally had a little time to read (incredibly hard to come by lately!) and I’m pretty much obsessed. The basic idea behind Konmari’s plan of decluttering is 1. Only keep things that ‘spark joy,’ things that you get excited about owning when you look at them and pick them up. And 2. Find a place for everything, and always return that item to it’s place when you’re finished with it.  Sounds easy enough right? Well, for me, it’s definitely been a journey. Since I am trying to complete my decluttering piece-meal, it’s certainly taking me a little longer than I’d like, but I’m motivated to go through everything in my house, top to bottom, and purge everything that doesn’t make my life a little happier. I’ve made a master, long term list that I’m using to keep me on track of every area I want/need to attack. (I also love this checklist of categories made by Carrie from Making Lemonade!) Kondo recommends conquering your clutter by approaching categories of your stuff. (i.e. your clothes, books, paper, miscellany, and lastly, and most difficult, your sentimental stuff). The list below is an outline on every area in my home I need to empty out in order to sort my stuff into the categories. I’m not sure why I have towels in several places in my house, but I know I do- my goal is to consolidate my (favorite) stuff into one storage area, so that I will never lose track of anything again!

IMG_0399.JPGI tried to be as specific as possible, but also left some room for notes and ideas that I may have as I go. Although this journey may take a little time for me to complete, I’m excited for the results; a more streamlined, minimalistic approach to life that makes it easy to clean my home. I dream of the days where it doesn’t take tons of planning and cleaning before I feel comfortable having guest come over- I can’t wait to not fear the ‘pop-in,’ to the days where toys are contained and counter tops are clear!

I love this Inst-post from her posted just the other day… (The pic is cute- but what really gets me is her caption!)

Konmari Insta.PNG

So far, I’ve finished the clothes category, but now that it’s been about a month, I think I’m ready to purge more clothes, now that I know what I truly love and wear all the time and what stays in my drawers! I’ll keep you posted on my progress! Are you working on tidying your home?

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Tune out & Sleep.

How do you turn your mind off before going to bed?


I must admit, my mind tends to race before I go to bed. I start thinking and reflecting upon the day; what went well, what didn’t go so well, what I need to do tomorrow, what I’m currently stressed or anxious about, my to do list…etc etc etc… Below of some tips of how I relax and calm my brain so I can actually enter dream land soon than later.

  1. Don’t bring your phone into bed with you! This is huge for me. I know it’s tough to disconnect from the outside world, but there is something to be said to not checking social media 24/7. I love not taking my phone to bed with me. It gives us both a much needed break- plus, just think of all the new stories and surprises it has waiting for you in the morning!
  2. Write down your thoughts for the next day and address them tomorrow. I like to keep a small notebook (my life line) that I jot everything down in. This notebook goes most places with me so I refer back to it when I need to. Before going to bed, put all those last minute thoughts, and to do’s in your notebook or even just on a scrap of paper so you won’t forget them and you can address them tomorrow with your full ‘bright eyed, bushy tailed’ attention.
  3. Have a cup of tea, or warm lemon water. (Just make sure whatever you drink is decaf!) A nice warm mug of tea slows me down and sets my intentions for relaxing.
  4. Breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. Mindfulness is all about being in the present. This is a great approach to many things in life, but especially sleep because it reminds you to stop focusing on things you can’t fix right now. (One of the hardest things for me!) Two very basic mindfulness exercises are deep focused breathing, and a body scan. Slow measured breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth, while counting, can help to relax you. As well as focusing on just one part of your body at a time and physically feeling that part of your body relax and let go. (Let your mind move from the top of your head, all the way down to your toes) Here are some more details on mindfulness exercises, if you’re interested in reading more.
  5.   Read, listen to soft relaxing music, or my favorite, a sound machine. (There is nothing like listening to the sound of ocean waves, gentle rainstorm, or crickets on a summer night, to turn off your racing mind.)
  6. My other favorite night stand essential for a relaxing night is an oil diffuser. You can pick all different types of essential oils to burn depending on your mood (or ailment). Some of my favorites are lavender and chamomile to relax, eucalyptus or mint for clearing your nose and sinuses during cold season, and Chai and Clove, all the time, because nothing smells warmer or homier.

Sweet Dreams!

Quotes Before Sleep Source
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What’s missing from your bathroom?


You know how sometimes you don’t have something for a really long time, and then you get it, and you wonder, how did I ever live without this? Well, get ready for me to change your life. You need a countertop trash can in your bathroom. I can honestly say, I have no idea how I lived so long without one. They are the cutest, most functional item that you don’t currently have. First off, anything that’s a miniature version of something else is automatically adorable. Second, you can’t believe how much stuff you will toss in there, and how much easier it is than your regular trash can. I know, it sounds sort of silly, like, is it really that difficult to just throw your trash in a larger trash can? The answer is yes, yes it is that difficult. I first noticed the need for this little gem when I began my affinity for leaving dirty makeup wipes on the counter after getting ready. I sort of dreamed up how awesome it would be to have a trash can right on the counter, and then, boom! Just like that, I Amazon primed that shit, and in 2 days flat, I was living the dream. Makeup wipes, cotton balls, q-tips, floss, the possibilities are endless. You need this in your life, trust me. You’re welcome.

*I linked to my mini can in the post above, but there are tons of variations to match your personality and decor- stainless steel, different colors, etc- just search “mini trash can” in amazon*

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Coffee Table Books


Is there anyone who doesn’t like a good coffee table book? Remember this… From interesting stories, to little known facts, to beautiful photos and illustrations; coffee table books give your guests something to peruse while you’re in the bathroom. They can also set a certain vibe or tone to your living space and even say something about you. The coffee table books below are some of my favorites… Some are great conversation starters, others you just can’t pull yourself away from (Pick Me Up-I’m talking to you). We’ve all seen Humans of New York, and Time’s Photographs- and while those are certainly tried and true publications with their own set of merritts, I hope these picks will be a breath of fresh air for you and your table.

coffee-table-books-1  ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR. FIVE. SIX.