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Surf Shack Chic

So I am fully in the throws of re-doing the guest room. We had originally gone with a sort of travel/wanderlust theme to the room, but I’m looking towards a major change. I don’t know if these 90 degree days got me going, or my total anticipation and love for the beach and surf, but I’m going with a kind of casual surfer shack feel for this room. In fact, I’m so in love with this theme, that I kinda want to re-do my whole house centered around this idea. A few years ago- pre-pinterest- I ripped out a surfer shack spread from a magazine, that I was super obsessed with, and I still swoon over these images. (below)

YES, this carpet in my house is gross and needs to go!

Pre-Pinterest pinterest 
The surfer shack look is a carefully curated design, there is a fine line between it looking effortlessly cool and boho, and hokey Oriental Trading. (Read- plastic surfboard decor). I liked to focus on cultivating a look that incorporates some boho, a little mid century modern, rich woods (and carvings), macrame, definitely some rattan, and top it off with just a little bit of shibori. Here’s some of my inspiration for pulling together this look…


Room View
Carved Coffee Table

Wood Slice Coffee Table
Living Edge Coffee Table

Carved Accent Table

Gray Round Seren Chair and a Half
Seren Chair

Gray Seren Half Moon Ottoman
Seren Half Moon Ottoman

Woven Cave Chair
Woven Cave Chair

Mid Century Chair

Slide View: 3: Curved Rattan Bed
Rattan Bed

Frosted Glass Globe Hailey Pendant
Orb light

Wicker Orb Pendant
Wicker Pendant

Rope Chandelier
Rope Chandelier

Macrame Chandelier
Macrame Chandelier

Hippie Blanket
Hippie Blanket

Serape Pillow Case Set
Serape Pillowcase set

Slide View: 1: Graham Keegan Blush Shibori Tapestry
Shibori Tapestry
Decor & Misc.

Wood Panel

Wicker panel set

Macrame Bunting, Macrame Garland, Bunting Banner, Wedding Bunting
Macrame Bunting

Faux Monstera Leaf Stem
Monstera Leaf

Macrame wall hanging, woven wall hanging, woven wall tapestry, boho wall hanging, wall tapestry, macrame, boho home decor, textile hanging
Macrame Wall Hanging

A couple’s dream Hawaiian surf shack

This book.

The best Boho apartment in Australia

And this pinterest board.


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Vacation Mood Board

Vacay mood board1

I think one of the best things about looking forward to traveling to a new place is dreaming about (and googling) all the places I want to go, all the sites I want to see, and of course, all the places I want to eat and drink 😉 when I get there.

We’ve all seen lots of travel guides for different places we want to visit;  travel guides are great sources of info, but none of them match exactly what I’m looking for. For example, everyone (and I mean everyone) is pretty passionate about the BBQ in Austin. However, since I’m vegan, and not planning on taking a BBQ road trip around Texas, I’m far more interested in the best plant based food in the area.

So, instead of jotting down the places I wanted to go on scraps of paper, (that I may or may not find later) I decided to combine a few of my favorite things- traveling, art journaling, and mood boards! Now I have all the places I want to visit in Austin in one (cute) spot! Plus, doing this little project got me even more jazzed about visiting Austin again! (Full disclosure, Steve and I spent 2 days in Austin on our honeymoon road trip, but there is SO much we didn’t get to!) My notes will also help when we get to Austin, since I included addresses, phone numbers, hours, important tips, etc! Happy Travels!

vacay mood board 2