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Best Week Ever! Vacay edition!

This week was the best week ever! We are on vacation! July 10-16, 2017

We are still not walking quite yet…

But… we do love wearing matching swan bathing suits…

And this little puddle jumper swim vest we got at Target, might be the best 20 bucks we ever spent…

Steve and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary! 

How come they don’t have Mellow Mushtoom in the northeast? Biggest mistake ever…

Steve called this a Snow White apple, it didn’t put me to sleep, but it was pretty tasty with peanut butter…

Not sure there is anything sweeter in the whole world than when the two of them play nicely together! 

Lunch outside on the water is a must when on holiday at the coast!

And…Not the best family selfie we’ve ever taken, but certainly not the worst either! 

And we are here another week!!

Also, just bought tickets to this show in Brooklyn and I’m geeking out over it! 

Will probably end up ordering this for fall!

I’m just going to sit here and squish this all day long

Have you seen this yet?! I’m dying to watch it! And two other movies on my must watch list… ONE & TWO

We just had an intense family game night playing this!

Obscure, intriguing, kick ass fanzines– with a sliding scale price tag!

And… just try and not read the Pepe the King Prawn’s twitter feed without the accent, go ‘head, just try

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Kaszanek family vacation part two: the flight!

Arriving at the airport! Ready to go!

So we actually did it ,and have lived to tell the tale! We flew with 2 littles from Boston to Savannah, and actually, it wasn’t that bad!!

I attribute most of the success to snacks, pacifiers, bottles/pouches, naps, and felt books that included little pieces to play with! Here are some photos from our travels!

Dash tagging our bags!

The dreaded weigh in, yes, it was more than 50lbs… 🙈

Checking the instruments, getting ready for take off 😂

Dash’s first view of a plane (plus a funny photo bomb of a guy that was struggling with something…)

Enjoying the flight ❤️

…and how I got to end my night…

Yay for vacation!
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Kaszanek family Vacation: Part One

Definitely the sign of a successful day! We drove up to my in laws house today to spend the night so they can drive us to the airport in the morning. This plan works out so perfectly for us because we are leaving our dog here- which means no boarding, yay!- and we don’t have to worry about long term parking, etc. and are hoping to do curbside check in with our bags… if you’ve been following the blog for the last few days, you know I’m a tad nervous about flying with two littles and I’m hoping this process goes as smoothly as possible! (I will keep you updated on how it goes and share my own tips soon!) 

We had about a 3 hour car ride driving up here, which went mainly well- kiddos were in pretty good spirits for the majority of the ride, and then we were able to celebrate with all of Steve’s family- aunts, uncles, and cousins, that couldn’t make it to Sailor’s bday party the other day. We had a great little pizza party, and Sailor got sung to again- she was in all her glory 😁! 

This picture was snapped on the way up to bed after Dash stayed up waaaay past his bedtime… Of course when you’re staying with grandparents, the kids get a little spoiled- which is great! At Steve’s parents house, it’s lovingly called “anything you want day” – which sounds pretty awesome… 

We leave in the am for the airport! (As Dash would say, to go up in the sky!) I’ll keep you posted on our (mis)adventures ❤️

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Packing! Eeek!

What kind of a packer are you? I’m a last minute overpacker… does it get any worse than that?! I’m trying to streamline this time around, but it still seems like I just have too much stuff- my clothes literally have FOMO- and I’m so worried that I’m going to *wish* I brought that dress or that t shirt on day two of vacay… 

So, I probably still have too much stuff in my suitcase… but at least I’m trying to organize it all- one of the best packing tips I ever received was to separate your stuff into categories and try to pack them in small bags individually. I bought these cool mesh packing cubes and I’ve been using them for everything! I have one with my bathing suits, one with my socks, bras and underwear, one with tanks, etc. larger clothes, like dresses and jeans I laid at the bottom of the bag. These cubes are also so perfect for packing up kiddos! I used one for pouches and snacks, one as a clean diaper kit (diapers/wipes/cream) one for extra outfits, etc. 

You can check some of those cubes out here! And this cool post gives tips and tricks on using them!

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Getting ready for Summer Vacation!


Are you going away on vacation this summer? We leave for South Carolina in a week and I’m equal parts excited and overwhelmed! The idea of packing for a family of four- yes, I will probably micromanage my husband’s luggage as well, and flying with 2 little ones- ages one and two, is definitely a little bananas. (Especially since we also have Sailor’s first birthday party on Saturday and I have a to- do list a mile long before leave.. eeek)

We will be heading down to Hilton Head for two weeks with my parents- which will definitely be a huge help, AND Steve and I are going to escape to Charleston, SC for a night to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary! This is where we just booked our night away! (I’m dying!)

Image result for mills house wyndham charleston sc
The Mills House
So, I’ve basically been reading all about tips to travel with kids, since we’ve never flown with them before. And also reading up on all the best of Charleston. (I grew up vacationing in Hilton Head, so I’m pretty prepped for that area already, and besides, we’re all just really excited about the pool and straight chillin..)

Here’s a round-up of some of the tips I’ve been scouting:

Traveling with kiddos!

Rough Guides tips for traveling with children 

15 must know tips for traveling with kids (from Babble)

Flying with Kids from Parenting  and their ultimate guide to traveling with kids (this includes car trips and flying!)

The Guardian’s top 50 tips for traveling with littles

Love these tips from Wired!

and of course, our getaway!

A Beautiful Mess’ guide to Charleston 

Southern Living’s Guide to Charleston

Spending 2 perfect days in Charleston

The cool girl’s guide to Charleston

and all the vegan friendly restaurants in Charleston!






A night away from the kiddos…

Have you been away from your babies for the night?! It’s equal parts hard, and exciting. As much as I was looking forward to a night away- as soon as we left I couldn’t help but miss them! As we walked out, Dashel called out, “I love you Mama!” – oh my heart! And we also face timed about 2 hours after we left. I think it’s a good thing for parents to get away- even if it’s just for a night or two. You get a chance to relax and recharge and appreciate parenthood so much more- because sometimes, it’s hard when you’re in the thick of it. Have you been away before? How did you handle it? We are literally only a half hour from home and I’ve already scrolled through my photos to see their little faces.. but I also can’t wait to sleep in!! Eeeee!!! 




How do you decide where to go on vacation?

The (short) list of places Steve and I would love to go to is as follows…

Iceland, Hawaii, Ireland, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Australia, Costa Rica, Morocco, Portland/Seattle, Austin, Coastal California/ LA, Positano, Palm Springs (again), British Columbia, Spain, Mexico, a cross country roadtrip …

Upstate NY
Myrtle Beach- we just found out we were pregnant!
So, how do you decide on where to go for vacation?

Of course, and unfortunately, the number one factor to slice that list in half (or more actually…) is budget. Ah, the reality of money and what impact it actually has on our choices… (boo!)

The second factor we need take into account is time…How long do we actually have when you account for travel time (car or plane), time vacationing, and time returning home.

Third factor- who the heck is going on this trip? Solo excursion? Romantic couples retreat? The whole Griswold family?

Fourth: what are you looking for in a vacation? A sight-seeing excursion? A lazy beach vacay? Exploring a new city? A rustic trip? A strictly R&R escape?

Palm Springs
Palm Springs
Austin, Texas
I’ll let you in on a little (not so) secret- both Steve and I are terrible at making decisions! So, how do you decide where to go or what to do with a few days off?

Here’s our breakdown:

We have 5 days and 4 nights to ourselves, sans kiddos, to take a trip. We do not have a lot of cash, so that means we’ll be staying stateside. We don’t want to spend too much time in the car, so that means, either eastern seaboard, or a short plane ride away. As far as the mood of the trip, there must be; vegan food available, fun stuff to do, and relaxation occurring. I’m all for any inclusion of hipster boutique hotels, downtown areas, secluded secret spots, or something different and unique (including but not limited to roadside attractions and sleeping in a yurt). I’m currently going back and forth between stuffing my face with vegan breakfast tacos and swimming holes in Austin, to some roughing it s’mores style camping in Maine.

How do you decide the next place to visit? It seems like such a big decision since we probably won’t take many vacations without the kiddos…how do you get the most bang for your buck?! Any considerations I missed?

Myrtle Beach
Fort Lauderdale
The Bahamas
Myrtle Beach

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The best thing you NEED for the beach this summer!

IMG_6463 (2).JPG

We went to the beach for the first time this season! It was a gorgeous day on Friday and our friends invited us for pizza on the beach! Not only did we all need a break from the usual nighttime routine, it was so nice to enjoy a beautiful night on the ocean! Sailor had never been to the beach and she loved getting her feet all sandy (and yes, she did put a fistful of sand into her mouth…but I think that’s a rite of passage) and Dash got to play with sand toys and dip his toesies into the ocean! And we all got to enjoy dinner al fresco. Since it was our first trip to the beach this season (and with 2 kiddos), we are not yet seasoned in the ways of packing for a successful beach trip. I remembered most of the important things, and we figured our friends (who also have small kiddos) would be able to fill in the gaps. When we got to the beach, our friends had THE BEST beach table. It was this cool little table they had set up in the middle of our ring of beach chairs and blankets. It kept all our drinks, chips and pizza sand free ALL night! (I honestly hadn’t even thought of where we were going to put the pizza boxes down once we got to the beach, so we were grateful our friends are seasoned beach pros!) This little table was seriously a life-saver! Then, as we were getting ready to leave and pack it up, my friend flipped the table over into the sand, unscrewed the legs and ROLLED IT UP! It even fit into a little beach bag!!! I was literally geeking out over this table; it’s so portable and so convenient, and perfect if you’re bringing any food or drinks at all to the beach. Long story long, I ordered two as soon as we got home, one for us and one for my folks. I can’t wait to use it on our beach vacay to South Carolina this summer! Oh, also, it’s on sale! Do yourself a favor and order it now! Don’t be intimidated by the third picture of the table below- the assembly is literally 2 seconds and my 2 year old could do it! (p.s. This post is not sponsored in any way, at all, I’m just obsessed with this table!)

Table In A Bag

Table In A Bag

Table In A Bag

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Visiting an Animal Sanctuary



We visited the Catskill Animal Sanctuary on Sunday and got to meet some amazing animals that were lucky enough to find their way there! The sanctuary is a beautiful patch of land (about 123 acres) in Saugerties, NY that, since it’s opening, in 2001, has saved over 4,000 animals! We were able to hear different animal’s stories and hear our guide’s passion for spreading the importance of veganism for the animals, for the environment, and for ourselves. Dash loved petting all the animals and mimicking their sounds.  (He says he liked the cow best, but I think it was the turkey- so soft!) Sailor enjoyed being out in the sun and breathing in the fresh air at the farm. They are truly running a great mission out there, and if you happen to be in the area, I highly recommend a visit! (Although don’t be surprised if you leave with the urge to never eat – (insert your favorite meat product here). The also offer vegan cooking classes- which we’ve taken once before and would love to take another, and have a small B&B on the property.  Here are some of my favorites from the day, if you’d like to take a peek!