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Sailor’s first birthday!

We threw Sailor her first birthday party today!! I can’t believe my baby is one already! She started saying the word ‘up’ and took a couple of steps on her own! I think she’s gonna be walking and talking more and more- and we can’t wait! Here’s some quick pics from our fun today! 

Yes, I do love vegan chocolate cupcakes.

The first time I’ve seen Dash dig into a cupcake!

We did a unicorn and rainbow theme- Which was almost too fun and adorable! 

My rainbow fruit platter was a major hit.

A ball pit is always a good idea!

I love my new puppy!

Party = success! Thanks for celebrating our special day!


Tag Sale!

Have you ever had a tag sale?! (CT is the only place I’ve ever heard them called tag sales… everyone is every other state calls them garage sales, yard sales, etc- and looks at me with the crazy eyes for using the term ‘tag sale’ ha!) After our massive garage and basement clean outs, we decided to have a tag sale to try to make a little spare cash- and it turned out to be so much more than that! First off, we got to spend the day outside- which was so nice! We set up a few camp chairs, brought out a blue tooth speaker, and at noon, started having a few refreshing beverages! (Noon is the new five o’clock once summer hits, for those of you that didn’t know…) we hired a babysitter for a few hours in the am so we could set up, then when we sent her home, we spent some time hanging with them outside, then my folks came over and helped out with the kidlets! So it worked out nicely! Not only did Steve and I get to spend the day together outside, hanging out, chasing Dashel, letting Sailor play in the grass, etc, but we also made about $85, and we met a few of our neighbors! Even though we’ve lived in our house for about 4 years, we barely know anyone on our street- and it’s only like 8 houses! ūüôą so it was awesome having neighbors drop by and introduce themselves! It was a super successful day; we got rid of our junk, sold people some new treasures, got some sun, and played with the kids all while making some new friends! Not going to lie, it was hard work, the cleaning out of the house, the setting up, and the eventual hauling away to Goodwill if everything that didn’t sell, but it was well worth it! Have you ever had a tag sale?! Did you love it?! 


Growing up…

It’s crazy how fast time seems to go when you’re trying to hold on to precious moments. I started getting very sentimental tonight about Sailor growing up and turning one (in about two weeks!) it’s funny because watching Dashel grow up has got me really excited for Sailor to hit the same milestones. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t want her to grow up too fast, but I secretly can’t wait to hear her talk and sing and run around… 

But, then I got this video sent to me from daycare..

And it’s pretty darn cute and so exciting, she’s so close to getting up and just walking all by herself! I sent the video to my parents and my dad made a comment about how sweet it was to see her trying to stand, and falling over, and her little laugh every time she fell… then he said, “she won’t be doing that for much longer!” And it hit me, all of a sudden, my little girl is growing up! I’m trying hard to hold on to these moments while still letting them grow and thrive, but the thought of my kiddos never doing something again makes me so sentimental for them staying babies forever… 

Do you feel like your kiddos are growing up too fast? A very insightful man (Andy Bernard from The Office) once said…

These are the good old days.


Mental health bank

My yoga instructor, friend, and the creator of the most amazing supportive mommy community I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of, made the greatest post the other day on Facebook. She said that even though we all suffer from “mom guilt,” you know what I mean- that feeling that you get  when you just need to a minute to yourself, want to get your nails done, go to the gym, get a coffee with your friend, etc. but don’t want to because you can’t shake the idea that you should be home instead with your kids/spouse etc, doing your “mom duties.” The best way to get over that feeling is to change your outlook on things. We should instead, consider “me time” to be deposits in to our own mental health bank. Conversely, every time we do something for others- family members and friends included- it’s a withdrawal from the account.

 Of course we cannot imagine that we will be at an equal balance with this account, (withdrawals and deposits) we all tend to give much more of ourselves than we make time for ourselves; however we also can’t expect to withdraw and withdraw from an account without ever making any deposits… 

I love this new dialogue. It’s not about being selfish, it’s about taking care of yourself so that you can continue to be what you need to be for everyone else too. (Without going totally bananas) Today, due to a special work circumstance, I was able to sit in the sun and close my eyes and read a book and get a tan on a sunny day! This was a major deposit in my mental health bank that came at the perfect time. Stress has been running very high this week… and sometimes, that’s when we really need to stop and remember to take care of ourselves too. When was your last deposit? Are you due? 

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Amazon Browsing

*This is not a sponsored post, I just like cute stuff.*

I do not usually browse Amazon. I know exactly what I want, add to cart, (maybe look at the ‘Customers who bought this item also bought’…) and check out. I never go to Amazon with the intention of just poking around. So I guess it makes sense that even though I’m always ordering from Amazon (like seriously… always) I never noticed these little “ads” on the Amazon home page. (Have you noticed them?)

Amazon Exclusives: Find unique and innovative products      New and Interesting Finds from Across Amazon

Anyway, when I finally did notice them, I was totally intrigued…the pictures totally drew me in and I began my deep descent into the Amazon rabbit hole of “I want this, I want this, I want this…”

Here are some of my favorites:

Vacation, Had Get Away
Photo Holder
Dish Set
Space Man
Reusable Snack Bags
Mood changing mug
The timeless art of seduction enamel pin

Goal Setting…


Lately I feel like I have so many goals and plans- both long and short term. Short term goals- like forming better habits (ahem- making the bed every morning, having a clean sink with no dirty dishes at the end of the night, etc, are a whole other post entirely). Do you have long term goals for yourself, for your marriage, for your family that you think about? ¬†Steve and I had a much needed date night tonight that started off as Thai food (yum) and ended up at a local bar drinking mojitos and bottles and Bud and discussing our future. The future is sometimes so hard to fathom, especially when you are taking a whole family into account. It’s overwhelming sometimes to think about your goals and your passions for the next 5 or 10 years, when you also have 3 other people to think about; whose happiness and comfort are infinitely important to you. It’s funny (ironic) to think about how when I was really only concerned about myself and what I was doing/ where I was headed, I only thought about as far as my 2 feet in front me. And now, when I think about giant moves, to new spaces and new places, career changes, and huge risks, there are 3 other people (not to mention our extended family) whose lives also hang in the balance of those decisions. (Doesn’t life just kick you in the ass in that way?) I think it’s so important to set goals for yourself (both long and short term) and to be on the same page as your spouse about where you headed, and what will be best for the both of you and your family, and lately Steve and I have been trying to do a lot of that. It’s interesting how much emotion plays into your decisions, and sometimes I wish I had a time machine to glimpse into the future to see what/where we are supposed to be headed. (Does anyone really ever know where they are supposed to be headed anyway?) We were both talking tonight about how neither one of us are big risk takers- however, I also fear the path not traveled. Especially when that path is gilded with your passions. How do you decide how what moves to make and what’s right for you without being/feeling selfish, but also not putting your happiness on the back burner? I’d love to hear…


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Magazine Inspiration

What inspires you?

When I decided to start the 100 days project, I can’t lie, the first thing I thought was, am I going to have enough ideas to blog for 100 days straight?! This got me thinking about the different things that inspire and excite me. (You know that feeling that you get when something really inspires you and jump starts your creativity? Isn’t that the best feeling?)

Here’s a list of some of the things that inspire me most… how about you? What do you find yourself screenshotting on IG just so you can look at it again later? What issues of magazines do you read over and over (and over) again? I’d love to hear if you’d like to share!

Magazines: Old issues of Readymade Magazine, old issues of Blueprint Magazine, new and old issues of Domino

Catalogs: Schoolhouse Electric, (they have an amazing instagram too!) CB2

Instagram: Homepolish, the_home_edit, TheJoshuaTreeHouse, ElectricConfetti, OhHappyDay, classyclutter, urbanoutfitters, campwandawega, palmspringsstyle, em_henderson

Brick & Mortar Shops: Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain 


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I’m so excited this morning because today marks the start of the 100 Days Project! For the next 100 days, me, and many others, are challenging ourselves to do something creative for…wait for it…100 days! I chose to work on blogging for the next 100 days since blogging is one of the creative outlets I love the most, even though I never seem to have the time to actually blog. With this project, I have found new motivation to create more, cook more, take more photos, read more, and of course, post more! If you don’t know what the 100 Days Project is, you can find out all the details¬†here! I hope you follow along here, on my blog, and also on IG (chrissykaszanek) or at #100daysofhustleandveg