Snail Mail

Custom Envelopes!


Making your own custom envelopes is easier than you think and a great way to personalize your snail mail!

Step One: Pick your paper! (The two papers I picked above are wrapping paper!) You want to pick a paper that has a medium to heavy weight so it stands up to your folding and stuffing.


Step Two: Carefully deconstruct an envelope you already have to use as your template.

Step Three: Trace the outline of your template onto your chosen paper. I cut a piece of wrapping paper that was slightly larger than my template before I started tracing.

Step Four: Cut out your traced shape. (Notice in the top shape, I also drew vertical lines where to fold! This helped me navigate this envelope, but the one below was easy enough to do without a guide)



Step Five: Fold the envelope using your template and the original envelope as a guide. (Use your fingernail to really crease each fold)

Step Six: Glue your folds. I used this glue because it’s really easy to apply and not super sticky or messy!

Step Seven: Write your letter and seal with a kiss!


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