Best Week Ever!


This week was the best week ever! June 12th-18th 2017

It was Father’s Day! And we had a Father’s Day BBQ at our house with my family and Steve’s folks- we spent a lot of time playing and getting our feet dirty! (A sure sign of summer!)

Dirty little feet!

Dash ate avocado toast for the first time! (And anytime this crazy picky eater eats something new, it’s something to celebrate!)


Sailor is so close to walking, we can all taste it! (And it’s gonna be trouble!)


We worked on shopping for our summer wardrobes… and ran errands


Check out this sassy look!
The traffic in this aisle is insane!

We got a new car!! I am officially a Mom that drives a minivan, and I LOVE IT! (This car is so spacious, Dash can actually run around it! Ha! (when the car is parked- obviously!)


We are all very excited about our new van!

We got lots of shoulder rides…


And snuggled, a lot. This was the best week ever 🙂



The evolution of women’s sizes

We just bought this for Dash for the summer and I’m stoked for him to see it- once we put it together!

After so much research, I decided to buy this mid year planner for my resolution to really keep a planner this time…

This was part of Steve’s Father’s Day gift and I can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

I love this blog and one of her features is about what she feeds her vegan daughter- some great ideas! 

8 last minute ways to save for a vacay

and… since I’ve been focused on getting our own house in order

a breakdown of what to focus on to clean the (part that your guests will see) house in 45 minutes or less to prep for a dinner party


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